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How to Collect Estate Assets Without Probate

If your loved one (the “decedent”) passed away and their assets have not yet been collected and they are not somehow beneficiary designated, you may be wondering if the decedent’s estate needs to go through probate.
Probate Court with probate granted on a Last Will & Testament. The first step in the legal process of administering and transferring ownership of the estate of a deceased person’s wealth, including savings, antiques, property and cars, as designated in the deceased’s will.  A Probate Court decides the legal validity of the testator’s will and grants approval thereof to the executors to legally distribute the estate according to the will.

Why is Probate Necessary?

Considering that statistics repeatedly show most people die without a will, let alone more sophisticated and meticulous estate planning instruments, chances are that some type of probate process will be necessary.