Estate Plans

We understand your questions and concerns about estate planning because we have years of experience helping people in the same situation as you. What is more, we address your needs comprehensively by use of a unique service that is not just another cookie-cutter estate-plan package.

Estate and Trust Administrations

We make handling the earthly assets of your loved one as effortless as possible, whether the process needed is trust administration, probate of a will, estate administration without a will, or just a small-estate collection. We do this by applying our years of education and experience in this area of law to your matter, giving you a custom plan to most efficiently complete the process and distribute the assets properly so that you are protected from future litigation. We offer a flat fee based on the process required so that you have peace of mind knowing to the extent possible that attorney’s fees will not be unknown.

Formal and Contested Probates

We are here to help. If you are facing a formal probate, whether it be uncontested or contested, the tasks before you may seem daunting. We work to clarify the process and continuously advise you of the most efficient way to conclude your matter in a way that meets your goals. We can also many times offer a variety of pricing structures for formal probates so that our representation fits your pricing needs.

Why Choose Ackerman Law PLC?

Mr. Ackerman has been practicing law since 2013 with a focus in estate planning and estate administration law. For our estate clients, we want to help you pass your legacy on in a well-prepared and efficient manner. For our estate and trust administration clients, we want to make your experience as effortless as possible.

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