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We help make daunting estate and trust administration tasks simple.

Estate and trust administrations are confusing – whether (with estates) it is which proceeding – such as probate – is needed and what documents need to be created and filed or (with trusts) what the terms of the trust mean and not violating the statutory deadlines for notices and reports or (with estates and trusts) how to handle the administration so as to minimize the risk of lawsuits (or just hard feelings among family members), we are here to reduce your stress and frustration.


Our years of successful experience in the field help you get the estate or trust settled quickly and cost efficiently.

How much are attorney fees for an estate or trust administration like yours?

The attorney fees for estate and trust administrations vary depending on the processes that is right for your matter. In turn, which processes that is right for your matter depends on your particular facts. That is why an initial consultation is so important, which we offer to you at NO CHARGE. 


We offer most estate administration services on a flat-fee basis, so by the time we complete your initial consultation, you will likely know exactly what handling your matter will cost in attorneys’ fees. 


Our trust administration consultation services are offered on an hourly basis plus outside costs. With our years of experience, we advise you efficiently; meaning your investment in our services is well spent.